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Birth Alternatives Midwifery provides conscientious home birth care for low-risk mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. Linda Healey has been doing this amazing work since 1987!

We'll come to your home for prenatal visits, with an emphasis on assessing your pregnancy, helping you to adjust lifestyle choices if needed, and suggesting natural prevention for common discomforts of pregnancy. The goal is to help you stay low-risk, improving your chances to birth safely and happily at home.

Our goal is to sensitively and skillfully guide the course of labor, birth and your time with your new baby. Home birth midwives also facilitate the initiation of breastfeeding and examine the newborn head-to-toe after birth.

Home birth is not for every couple, but it can be an intimate, loving experience. We will individualize our care to your needs and hopes for your birth.

We serve families looking for a home birth midwife in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.

That's Cora M., to the left. Her parents were clients of Birth Alternatives Midwifery, and Linda Healey attended her birth. She has grown into a beautiful little girl! We're grateful to Ellen Dykstra Photography for use of the photo.